ReduX at BAX

ReduX at BAX
Saturday, November 15, 2014 - 8:00pm
Brooklyn Arts Exchange | 421 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215


In the second of the three-night SUBMERGE at BAX series, curating artist ZavĂ© Martohardjono presents ReduX, a night of mixed media performance bringing together three multidisciplinary artists Mieke D, DJ Tikka Masala, and Alicia Ohs. Participating artists’ works are informed by in-studio artist-to-artist conversation and collaboration hosted by Brooklyn Arts Exchange. ReduX takes thematic interest in contemporary re-imaginations and subversions of “the traditional” through performance. As curator, Martohardjono invited artists in this program whose work blurs boundaries, subverts expectations, and crosses disciplines. ReduX specifically attempts to widen space for queer artists from the Asian diaspora within the artists of color space the SUBMERGE @ BAX series provides. All the while, ReduX offers a platform to its three artists to disrupt assumptions, speak back to formal practices or inherited ancestries/legacies, and remix their cultural influences.

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