The New York Times

'Actual Size,' Sally Silvers’s Work at Roulette
November 5, 2014


"The thrills in this roughly hourlong work — and the humor — have a lot to do with the superb cast. Dylan Crossman, Carolyn Hall, Luke Miller, Alicia Ohs, Melissa Toogood, Ms. Silvers and, in Tuesday’s cameo (there’s a different one each night), Pooh Kaye: These dancers are a joy to watch, as individuals and as parts of puzzles that refuse to be solved."


March 9, 2014

In performance: Review of Faye Driscoll's Thank You For Coming: Attendance

"Ms Driscoll’s dancers are a brave group."

San Francisco Bay Guardian

'when i die, i will be dead' Stage Listings
July 20, 2010

"a fresh and charming meditation on creativity, communication, and communion"

The Examiner, San Francisco

July 19, 2010

"Ohs deftly and honestly depicts heart wrenching scenes of vulnerability and pain in balance with hilarious comedic turns"

San Francisco Appeal

Dance Flash: An interview with the artist
July 14, 2010

Becca Hirschman chats with Alicia Ohs, artist-in-residence at Mama Calizo's Voice Factory